Lagos terminal details

Lagos – Terminal Details

Lagos is the principal port of Nigeria situated on the Gulf of Guinea. The port is split into three main sections – Lagos, Apapa and Tin Can Island.

Tin Can Island is a self-contained port entered through Badagry Creek via a 200 wide channel, which has been dredged, to 8.5metres. Tin Can provides 11 berths including seven break-bulk general cargo berths, one Ro/Ro berth and one dry bulk cargo berth

There are various terminal operators handling the port berths under concession agreements with the Nigerian Port Authority. They include amongst others AP Moller Terminal (APMT),  Tincan Island Container Terminal (TICT), 5 Star Terminal, Port & Cargo Handling Services, Port & Terminal Mutliservices Limited (PTML), Jose Dam terminal, ENL Terminal Ltd and Greenview Terminal Ltd

To ensure efficient service the port has its own electricity supply power station with seven sub-stations throughout the port.

To maintain tight security the port has a separate system with a police station manned by the Nigerian Police Force backed up by private security organizations. Tin Can is linked to Apapa by a road bridge.

Draft at Berth 9.5metres
Draft at Harbour 8.2metres
Number of Deepwater Quays
Length of Quays 2.5kilometres
Cranage 6 electrical portal cranes (8-10 tons each) with an outreach of 25-28metres.

6 mobile cranes (8-10 tons each).

Rail connections: Non at Tin Can Island. Only Ijora Wharf (Iddo Island) and Apapa are connected to the

general railway system.


Nigeria Ports Authority (Lagos)

PMB 12588,

26/28 Marina


Tel.: +234 1260 0620

Fax: +234 1 263 0306

Port Harcourt & Onne Port details

Port Harcourt – Terminal Details

Port Harcourt is a natural port, the third largest in the country. The harbour is situated on the left bank of River Bonny, 43 miles from the coast (Bight of Bonny) within the river Delta region.

A number of warehousing options are available with 11 transit sheds, 41,000m2 of covered storage comprising of 4 sheds and an open storage area of over 27,000m2. There are also 16 storage tanks for bulk vegetable oil. The port has an extensive range of handling equipment.

Draft at Berth 7.9metres
Draft at Harbour 7.6metres
Number of Deepwater Quays
Length of Quays
Cranage Portal Cranes and mobile cranes.


Port Harcourt Port Authority

PMB 5043,

Port Harcourt

Tel.: + (23484) 300370


Onne Port

Situated some 20nm seawards on the Bonny River from Port Harcourt, Onne Port is now the main port for Container, Cement and offshore Service Vessels on the Bonny River.

This complex contains various berths for receiving cement vessels to a maximum of 11.5metres draft.

Numerous berths for vessels servicing the offshore oil industry.The entire port complex although controlled by the Nigerian Ports Authority is operated for them by various private operators.

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